Sunday, April 1, 2012

Filing Cabinet Project - Finally Finished!


After what seems likes ages I've finally finished the filing cabinet project.

Looking back, here is what I started with. An old, veneer, filing cabinet from Officeworks.

oh, veneer! what can we do with you?

I know, I could have easily bought another on the cheap, but I was up for challenging myself.
I wasn't sure how successful it would turn out, and whether it would fit in with the whole home office redo.

But here's how it went...


Two coats of Zinnsers waterbased primer

Topcoat for the draw fronts...
I decided to try and insert a 'fun' element (onto a boring cabinet) by painting the fronts with chalkboard paint. Now that we have a new little addition to the family - I think its time for furniture to multi-task (if possible).  We went with Porters Paints, and still have quite a lot left for other projects - thinking feature shapes for the girls rooms, not sure.. might ponder for a little while longer.

added a little white to the chalkboard paint = lovely grey!

Topcoat cabinet sides and top...
Here we used Dulux Antique White USA semi gloss, two coats - we have used this shade extensively throughout the house and thought the cabinet would blend in very well.

New handles..
I love these old fashioned shell-like handles, so much so I bought two extra for when we tackle the small writing desk.

What about a hook and little bucket to hold all those pieces of chalk?  Might add that to the side if theres room.

Let me know what you think!

Cheerio for now!

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