Saturday, March 24, 2012

Missing you!

Whilst pregnant with Amy last year, I lost two very special people in my life. I think about them everyday, and wish desperately that I could see them one last time. How I miss you both, my Gran and Grand-dad.

Emily & Gran

So I thought, it might do me some good to write a little bit about them every now and then, to document my memories (before I lose them) and as a little bit of therapy. I hope to one day look back here, read this and remember.

So here's a snippet..

It's funny, I'll always remember the smells around their house when arriving for a visit - a beach smell mixed with home cooking a roast with vegies, or baking a lovely batch of rock cakes. I hope I never forget that smell! A hug and kiss from gran, a wave to grand-dad out in the garden, then into the kitchen for a cup of tea and a biccie ( and a chin wag of course!)

The house always smelled amazing, so fresh yet old fashioned at the same time, and I loved being there. There I go talking about smell again, perhaps I have a sensitive nose, but I have always been driven by scent (I won't count the number of times I've bought a new book and the first thing I do is stick my nose into it to smell the new pages - weird? Yes, very).

I never realized how heartbreaking it could be to lose someone so close, I must be so naive having reached the grand old age of 36 and not lose anyone so close. So I never could understand.

Cheerio for now,



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