Monday, November 25, 2013

The Trench that was...

When I first moved into my "renovators delight", the first thing I knew had to be changed was the front garden.  I kid you not, there was a great long trench cutting across the yard.  Basically blocking access to the front step.

So one weekend, after rounding up a couple of willing family members, we all rolled up our sleeves and just got it done.

 It meant, digging up weed matting, moving rocks, back-filling the trench, and leveling out the whole front yard.  Hard work!  And it actually took about two weekends.


So here what it looks like now..  with some more new rocks and less weeds..

Its slowly taking shape...  I have plans to lay a large amount of pebbles for the pathways first, then start planning the layout of plants.

Can't wait!

Cheerio :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Out with the old, in with the new

My gosh!  I definitely did not predict our part renovated house to sell so quickly - I was anticipating staying there at least 12 months.  The real estate market here has plateaued badly this year, not much selling and buying going on thats for sure.

But the good news is... its sold!!

I am so happy, it just feels like a new chapter of my life is about to begin and its so exciting for me.

To take it one more step further... I have also found and bought a little house of my own. Double gosh!!

Here she is in all her peeling painted glory...

This photo is from the real estate listing, so you can't actually see all the horrible paint peeling on the weatherboards - trust me outside is a train wreck.

I have a painter lined up, and hopefully a new roofed planned too - but I'll update soon with all the details of how this is all going to happen shortly. I take over in the second week of October and I am just so thrilled that it will soon be mine :)


Friday, July 5, 2013

A Different Direction

Hey there,

Lots have changed since I posted last..

Lets see,

  • Our part renovated house is up for sale...  eeek! (I can now qualify as a house cleaner, hmm)
  • I'm on the lookout for a house of my own..
  • Oh, and I'm newly separated (long, long story - which I might get to some day) - it just was not meant to be, no matter how many angles I looked at our relationship.
So this explains the title of this post I guess.

Living in a house up for sale is not much fun either...  the constant cleaning and tidying/decluttering is mental..  plus half the furniture is gone now, so half the house is a bit echoey (new word)..  and having to disappear with the kidlets when people want to come through is sometimes tricky too.

Might look back and laugh at all this one day ;)

Oh, but I do have a few furniture projects on the go..  here's part of one of them

It is a necessity to buy thrifty now - I just hope it turns out ok!

I will show how it is progressing very soon..


Friday, September 7, 2012

A small change

Small changes can be inexpensive usually, and these can also give a little bit of oomph to a boring stock standard kitchen.

I'm talking handles here folks..

Our old handles on our pantry came very loose one day, and try as we might we couldn't tighten them back into place. Threaded they were.

Perhaps it was a hint to look for something more simple that would suit the kitchen better. Any excuse really :-)

Here's what we started with

boring smooth rounded handles

And we ended up with these

lovely squared handles

so plain so simple, I really like them

Much better now

Very cheap too, $40 for a pack of 25.. free postage.. ebay. It couldn't have been easier really.

These little beauties, although not everyones cup of tea, suit the kitchen better and are a good replacement for now.

We have plans to redo the kitchen in a couple of years, however this involves knocking down a wall to enlarge the space and integrate the laundry into it.  Plus I would love an island bench too.  Oh well all good things...


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