Friday, July 5, 2013

A Different Direction

Hey there,

Lots have changed since I posted last..

Lets see,

  • Our part renovated house is up for sale...  eeek! (I can now qualify as a house cleaner, hmm)
  • I'm on the lookout for a house of my own..
  • Oh, and I'm newly separated (long, long story - which I might get to some day) - it just was not meant to be, no matter how many angles I looked at our relationship.
So this explains the title of this post I guess.

Living in a house up for sale is not much fun either...  the constant cleaning and tidying/decluttering is mental..  plus half the furniture is gone now, so half the house is a bit echoey (new word)..  and having to disappear with the kidlets when people want to come through is sometimes tricky too.

Might look back and laugh at all this one day ;)

Oh, but I do have a few furniture projects on the go..  here's part of one of them

It is a necessity to buy thrifty now - I just hope it turns out ok!

I will show how it is progressing very soon..


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