Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Update

Well its finally time...

I'm off to hospital later this afternoon, and hoping all goes well.

A baby will no doubt shake up this ol' house!!

As a side note, the filing cabinet is all painted and ready for handles.  I did have a bit of a hiccup with colour for the draws (basically, it was yuk!), but with a bit of a colour update its all come together quite well.  I can't wait to show you, the power of paint really is amazing.

I will post the play-by-play when I get back.  Though it might take me a while to get into a routine with baby.

Please bear with me - I won't be gone for long :)
Catcha soon,

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Filing Cabinet Project - Undercoat

Its slow going around here, but I've finally finished the undercoat for the filing cabinet.

Two coats of zinssers.. plus a bit of putty for filling in the holes from the old handles.
(my pregnant body can only do a little at a time!)

This room I'm painting in is our storage/rumpus room downstairs.  At the moment winter is just starting to take hold, and its too cold to paint outside now. 

I've finally settled on a plan for this here cabinet.  My plan is to paint the draw fronts a different colour, which I will detail more in my next post, and change up the handles too.

Now that I'm on maternity leave I finally feel able to finish off this pesky project - and stop the pile-up of paperwork around here.

So cheerio for now  
& look out for my next post over the next day or so :)


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