Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Project One - Loungeroom

For inspiration, I always refer to all the blogs I follow - I love reading them on a weekly basis (if not daily for some!!).
I sometimes feel like I'm intruding into the private lives of these people. I'm always amazed at how honest and down-to-earth they are.

A couple of blogs I must admit to stalking daily is a beach cottage and young house love - love 'em!!

When I started thinking about what style would suit our house, I came up with a few types I really like - rustic with a very slight industrial edge, a touch of beach (that we all love) and a french twist thrown in the mix.

Anyway, I will stop chattering and get back to my 'to do' list. So here it is;

  • Paint trim, mantle and bookcase semi-gloss white (antique white usa, actually - we love the creaminess!)
  • Paint inside of fire box black
  • Paint tiles - not sure what colour at this stage
  • Replace halogen downlights with a more energy efficient led alternative (already in progress, thanks to hub!)
  • Replace coffee ta blewith something larger to suit proportions of 3 seater
  • Purchase a small side table for next to 2 seater - it has to be long and narrow to fit in the space, I'm hoping to find a pigeon-hole style for the spot.
  • Purchase lamps, one floor lamp and one table lamp - I quite like the brushed nickel look, but I could change my mind ;)
  • Cushions for the couches, in linen, red, patterned
  • Red vases
  • Artwork/photo above 3 seater couch - not sure at this stage, something big maybe (I would love to frame a large photo of our favourite holiday spot, which is a beachy town 'course!)
  • Photos above 2 seater - 2 x large photos of daughter in one, and all three of us in another, ikea white frames.
  • Keep rug, hub really likes it, so we need to work it in!
  • Decorator items for mantle - I'm a bit stuck on this one, ideas on this one would be so good - but all in time...
Much to think about..
and I still have a few prep bit and pieces to do, such as filling nail holes, gaps and sanding areas.
Will keep you posted tho with all my progress :)

Chat soon!

Project One - Complete Loungeroom

At last hub and I agreed to focus our energies into only one room at a time - instead of doing bits here, there and everywhere!

We chose the loungeroom for our first room to get out of the way. Only because we do spend most of our time in this room, and we wanted it to look spot on :-)

Here's a shot/peek at the loungeroom in 2008 before we moved in, with wiring, etc going on;

circa 2008
and, here's a more up-to-date photo;

circa 2010
We made a list of what we want to do (which I will type up in my next post), and have also recently purchased the leather lounges, a 3 and 2 seater - which, of course, we need to keep & integrate into our new-look loungeroom - I can't wait to get stuck in!!

So... until my next post!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kitchen "Before" Pic

As promised here's the 'before' pic of our kitchen, taken in October 2008 - it was really dated, which in fact made it look even smaller than it really was;

Kitchen 'before'
To save money we tried to keep everything in basically the same spot - as in, oven, sink, dishwasher, etc. which worked out really well for us :)

That's all for now, but I will be back soon to chat about our latest project - our loungeroom update (and some tricky decisions!), as well as some more history and pic's of this here house!

Catchya real soon,

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kitchen "After" Pic

After much frantic searching I was unable to locate my 'before' pic for the kitchen to go with the 'after' one I took this weekend. I do believe it must be on my work computer - so stay tuned! I will be posting that one tomorrow hopefully.

Now as it stands, the kitchen is quite small and cosy - but there's just something about it that appeals to me.

Kitchen 'After'
We only have a couple more things to complete - blinds, pantry pull-out basket system, some glass shelving for the overhead cupboards, and painting the trims white. And... I would really love to replace the set of windows overlooking our small patio with some type of by-folding arrangement, with a long bench/table on the other side - but this would be a larger project for us for another time, oh well!!

Till tomorrow.... catchya soon!!
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