Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Project One - Loungeroom

For inspiration, I always refer to all the blogs I follow - I love reading them on a weekly basis (if not daily for some!!).
I sometimes feel like I'm intruding into the private lives of these people. I'm always amazed at how honest and down-to-earth they are.

A couple of blogs I must admit to stalking daily is a beach cottage and young house love - love 'em!!

When I started thinking about what style would suit our house, I came up with a few types I really like - rustic with a very slight industrial edge, a touch of beach (that we all love) and a french twist thrown in the mix.

Anyway, I will stop chattering and get back to my 'to do' list. So here it is;

  • Paint trim, mantle and bookcase semi-gloss white (antique white usa, actually - we love the creaminess!)
  • Paint inside of fire box black
  • Paint tiles - not sure what colour at this stage
  • Replace halogen downlights with a more energy efficient led alternative (already in progress, thanks to hub!)
  • Replace coffee ta blewith something larger to suit proportions of 3 seater
  • Purchase a small side table for next to 2 seater - it has to be long and narrow to fit in the space, I'm hoping to find a pigeon-hole style for the spot.
  • Purchase lamps, one floor lamp and one table lamp - I quite like the brushed nickel look, but I could change my mind ;)
  • Cushions for the couches, in linen, red, patterned
  • Red vases
  • Artwork/photo above 3 seater couch - not sure at this stage, something big maybe (I would love to frame a large photo of our favourite holiday spot, which is a beachy town 'course!)
  • Photos above 2 seater - 2 x large photos of daughter in one, and all three of us in another, ikea white frames.
  • Keep rug, hub really likes it, so we need to work it in!
  • Decorator items for mantle - I'm a bit stuck on this one, ideas on this one would be so good - but all in time...
Much to think about..
and I still have a few prep bit and pieces to do, such as filling nail holes, gaps and sanding areas.
Will keep you posted tho with all my progress :)

Chat soon!

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