Sunday, April 8, 2012

Small beginnings...

The little miss loves to set a 'special' table at dinnertime. With a few candles and flowers in glass bottles. It made for a very nice Easter table, and she was proud as punch. Little miss says the best thing about setting a table like this is blowing out the candles at the end, and I couldn't agree more - birthday cake candles all over again!

Its lovely to see her take such pride in this, and can tell this is just the beginning. Watching her style the little flowers and foliage, so so proud. I forget how much she's grown.

with her masterpiece!

Very nice!


How much does the pink plastic cup rock?

so sweet!

We have this vine growing on our patio with such pretty flowers, from spring to autumn - I love it, not so sure the husband is that impressed, it does tend to take over a bit. The purple flowers attract the biggest bumblebees I've ever seen. And perfect for our table this evening.

I'm thinkin, my next foray in online shopping will have to include a table runner - looking at these photos, something's definitely missing. I could also do with more candles and holders, look out Dusk... hope there's a sale on!

Well, must sign off, a good book and bed are calling.

Happy Easter!


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