Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An Owl for Amy

We're slowly working bit by bit to turn a small bedroom into a (hopefully) beautiful nursery for Amy.
This is the wall behind the door - which also hides her change station.

I'm hoping to build up a small collection of prints, photos, art (& nicknacks!) on this wall to captivate her imagination...  work in progress :)

We finally went frame shopping in town this weekend, and found a couple of lovely plain white ones for the etsy print we bought for Amy's room.  My idea behind it was to get two identical frames to hang on the wall that would ground the (future) collection in some way.

The barn owl prints at JPG Photography (etsy) are so beautiful.

Our print has this lovely metallic sheen that seems to turn it into something magical.  Its so difficult to describe, I hope my photos do it some small justice.

there's a lovely metallic sheen to this print that you're missing ;)

I also had a photo of Emily at the beach enlarged too.  This image was modified to look like a watercolour/drawing in photoshop.  I did this a couple of years ago now and had the print in storage ever since, just waiting for the opportunity to hang it up.  (I simply followed an online tutorial to create this effect)

Emily loves that its hanging in her little sis' bedroom!

So here they are side by side.  I can't wait to add the next bits...

Cheerio for now!


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