Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our Carpet Dilemma

Here's the dilemma..  our lovely (used to be) wool carpet is four years old and suffering badly.  Back then we took our time and picked the extra heavy duty kind that could handle the little and big kids.

Now its proven to be a bit of a dud.   boo.

What a waste - this stuff was not cheap!

carpet we thought could handle all!

It flattens and looks worn in high traffic areas - like the hallway and some parts of the bedrooms.

Any water marks actually stain - ??? I'm gob smacked on this one.

And we're left with carpet that never actually looks clean, or good.  Very annoying to say the least.  And I may be weird, but whenever I'm walking around the house I always look at the floor (just so I can pick up any bits and pieces visitors may notice) - so things like this stick out for me.

Now we've both had quite enough...    either we check the warranty on this, see if there's anything we can do.  Or we decide to can it completely, and look at other options.

On a positive (and there's only one I can see) we can go ahead and start painting the trims without worrying too much about the carpet.
So, a yay for paint!

Now the other options I mentioned is where I'm at (for today anyway), and also where I'm a bit stuck.

Replace the carpet with carpet..   go back to the floorboards (too messy for us with a bub in the house)  -  what other options do we have?  I'm not sure...    I definitely need inspiration and new ideas.

So if anyone is reading (anyone? insert echo here ;) )  I would love to hear your ideas.

Cheerio for now,

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